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I have done many speaking engagements, including media interviews, podcasts, talks and panels.

I was an invited TEDx speaker in Adelaide in 2021. I spoke about how doing real science can transform how we think—and the need to engage students in authentic science experiences to improve scientific literacy (watch on below).

TV, radio, podcasts and NEWS OUTLETS

I have done multiple television, radio and podcast interviews.


  • Science demonstrations and morning weather crosses on CTV news (Canada), ABC news and Channel Seven’s Morning Show with Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur (watch).


  • Radio interviews include ABC Radio National, ABC 702 Sydney and 2SER (listen).


  • Podcast interviews include Mere Utterance (listen), where I discussed science education, labels and life-long learning, Conversations with Annie and Kate where I spoke about my career (listen) and InSitu Science, where I discussed the importance of scientific literacy and student-led learning (listen).

News outlets

  • I authored an article about my research for The Conversation: Fewer women receive research grants – but the reasons are more complicated than you’d think (read)

  • Nature News interviewed me for two articles: 'Game-changing gender quotas introduced by Australian research agency' (read) and 'Following NASA's lead, researchers are targeting gender bias in instrument time' (read).

  • Physics Today interviewed me for the article 'Dual-anonymous peer review gains traction' (read).

  • Refraction Media did a story with me about science education and the role of museums (read).

  • The Education Review did a video interview with me about the findings of my study on how science experiences can show students the creative side of science (watch).

  • Open Forum invited me to write about the announcement of the Australian Space Agency and the potential impacts on science education and inspiring students to study science (read).


​Invited talks & PANELS

I have been invited to speak about science education and gender equity at various events. Some recent engagements include:


  • Evaluating your equity program. Diversity Interventions 2022 SAGE (2022). Australia.

  • Doing real science can transform how we think. TEDx UniSA (2021). Adelaide, Australia.

  • The myth of the straight-line career path. Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering - Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Conference (2021). Sydney, Australia

  • Your brain on science - talk about the journey. Science Express for Sydney Science Festival (2018). Sydney, Australia

  • Evaluation and impact in science communication. Communicate to Inspire Conference (2018). Perth, Australia.


  • Deep Impact: how to get the most out of space science outreach. Australian Space Research Conference (2019). Adelaide.

Panel discussion

  • Breaking out of the STEM box: How do we reach new audiences? Communicate to Inspire Conference (2018). Perth, Australia.

  • The Status of Citizen Science in Global Earth Observation Systems. International Astronautical Federation Global Networking Forum. International Astronautical Congress (2017). Adelaide, Australia.


panel moderating & HOSTING

I’ve been on the other end of the questioning — hosting and moderating panel discussions and interviewing incredible people such as NASA astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, former NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Curiosity rover driver Vandi Tompkins and the Australian Mars One astronaut candidates.

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