Science Communicator

Talks. Panels. Media

I can talk anyone’s ear off about science, scientific literacy, science communication and education. And luckily, I’ve had many opportunities to do so on various media interviews, podcasts, talks and panels.


TV is always a blast. For a while, I was a regular guest doing science demonstrations on a daytime television show at a local station in Ottawa Canada. I also made some appearances on morning weather crosses and interviews about some of the programs at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Most recently, I was on Channel Seven’s Morning Show, doing science experiments with Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur (watch). We made a bit of a mess and had a cheeky giggle — it was good fun.


I’ve also chatted science on the radio on ABC Radio National, ABC 702 Sydney and 2SER (listen). I was a guest on a few podcasts including InSitu Science where I chatted to James about the importance of scientific literacy and student-led learning (listen). Refraction Media did a story with me a couple of years back about science education and the role of museums (read). I was also invited to write for Open Forum about the announcement of the Australian Space Agency (read). The Education Review did a video interview with me about the findings of my study on how science experiences can show students the creative side of science (watch).

I really enjoy being a panel guest where I have the opportunity to have a more informal discussion with other panellists and the audience. Most recently I was invited to be on a panel at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide to discuss the status and future of Citizen Science with James Graf (Deputy Director for Earth Science and Technology at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Danielle Wood (Researcher in Engineering and Space Policy at Johns Hopkins University). 


I’ve also been on the other end of the questioning — moderating and hosting events and interviewing incredible people such as Colonel Chris Hadfield, former NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, driver of Curiosity rover Vandi Tompkins and the Australian Mars One astronaut candidates.


I’ve given talks on science communication and education at the Powerhouse Museum, University of New South Wales, Ultimo library and at multiple conferences. And of course, in my early years as a science communicator, I performed countless science shows, ‘wowing’ audiences with the wonders of science.

Recent Invited Speaking Engagements

Plenary:  Deep Impact: how to get the most out of space science outreach. Australian Space Research Conference 2019. Adelaide

Talk: Your brain on science - talk about the journey. Science Express 2018 for Sydney Science Festival (August). Sydney, Australia


Talk: Evaluation and impact in science communication. Communicate to Inspire Conference 2018 (March). Perth, Australia.


Discussion panel: Breaking out of the STEM box: How do we reach new audiences? Communicate to Inspire Conference 2018 (March). Perth, Australia.


Discussion panel: The Status of Citizen Science in Global Earth Observation Systems. International Astronautical Federation Global Networking Forum. International Astronautical Congress 2017 (September). Adelaide, Australia.

Talk: Informal learning programs: Supporting STEM education. Curious Science: Creative Science and Technology Learning. City of Sydney Library (October 2017). Sydney, Australia.

Talk: "Scientists have found ...": Assumptions, challenges and strategies in science communication. BEES seminars. University of New South Wales (May 2017). Sydney, Australia.

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