In 2015, I co-founded and lead the development and delivery of the Sydney Science Festival — an annual festival that celebrates and showcases Sydney’s diverse and multidisciplinary science and innovation community to inspire a sense of city-wide pride, increase Sydneysiders’ appreciation and recognition of science, and motivate young people to study and practice science. Now a world-class festival attended by 85,000 people in 2018, it’s been incredible to be part of its inauguration, growth and success. 


The Festival encourages people of all ages and knowledge levels to discover, discuss and debate science through a program of talks by world-leading researchers, hands-on workshops, exhibitions and events for families. It's a huge collaborative effort that brings together a diverse group of 65 research institutions, museums, universities, industry, and community across Sydney and Western Sydney. The Festival is a real tribute to the collaborative nature of the partners and the importance Sydney places on science and innovation.

Sydney Science Festival has featured some favourite local scientific talent such as Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Adam Spencer, Professor Shari Forbes, Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith and Professor Alan Duffy. The Festival has also attracted high profile international guests such as Professor Brian Cox (UK), Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson (USA), Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock (UK), Professor Paul Davies (USA), Dr Michael E. Mann (USA) and Dr Ellen Jorgensen (USA).

Although my time as director ended in 2017, I have maintained my involvement in the festival each year as a presenter and invited guest speaker. This year, I am excited to be co-hosting an incredible event for high school students with Professor Michael Kasumovic (event).