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I am a professional science communicator and a former high school teacher and museum educator. I have communicated science to audiences young and old across the globe. I worked at various museums in Canada and Australia, producing award-winning education programs.


SCience communication (scicomm)

As a professional science communicator, I have communicated science to a wide range of audiences through talks, panels, and various media, including TV, radio, podcasts and digital print (see Talks, panels and media page). In 2021, I was an invited TEDx speaker in Adelaide. I spoke about how doing real science can transform how we think—and the need to engage students in authentic science experiences to improve scientific literacy (watch on


I am the co-founder and former director of the Sydney Science Festival — an annual festival that celebrates and showcases Sydney’s science and innovation community. In only 3 years after its inauguration in 2015, the Festival was world-renowned and attended by over 85,000 people. The Festival brought together 65 research institutions, museums, universities, industry, and communities across Sydney. The Festival has featured:

  • Australian favourites, such as Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Adam Spencer, Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith and Professor Alan Duffy

  • High-profile international guests such as Professor Brian Cox (UK), Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson (USA), Dr Michael E. Mann (USA) and Dr Ellen Jorgensen (USA).


I have held many education-related roles and produced various award-winning education programs.

  • I am the former Chief Education and Research Officer for Arludo, a STEM e-learning company that creates apps and digital learning experiences to engage students in real scientific experimentation.  

  • I produced many museum science education programs, two of which won national awards: The Mars Lab (a Mars education program developed in partnership with NASA), and Museum2you (a travelling exhibition and education program for regional Australia).

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