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I am a former high school teacher and museum educator. I produced many award-winning resources and workshops in Canada and Australia on the topics of workplace equity, diversity and inclusion as well as science education. 


equity, diversity & inclusion for workplaces

I recently produced a suite of resources and workshops that support workplaces to design, implement and evaluate equity initiatives. These include:

  • a standardised national evaluation framework for equity programs (read)

  • an interactive website hosting an evaluation tool and searchable repository (visit)

  • an implementation guide for workplace equity initiatives (read)


These resources and workshops are endorsed and recommended by the Australian Government to support all existing and future equity programs in Australia.


science for school students

I have produced various award-winning science education programs for school students.

  • I am the former Chief Education and Research Officer for Arludo, a STEM e-learning company that creates apps and digital learning experiences, resources and workshops to engage students in real scientific experimentation.  

  • I produced many museum science education programs and workshops, two of which won national awards: The Mars Lab (a Mars education program developed in partnership with NASA), and Museum2you (a travelling exhibition and education program for regional Australia).

science for public of all ages

I am the co-founder and former director of the Sydney Science Festival — an annual festival featuring events and workshops that showcase Sydney’s science and innovation community. Only 3 years after its inauguration in 2015, the Festival was world-renowned and attended by over 85,000 people. The Festival brought together 65 research institutions, museums, universities, and communities across Sydney.

The Festival featured:

  • Australian favourites, such as Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Adam Spencer, Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith and Professor Alan Duffy

  • High-profile international guests such as Professor Brian Cox (UK), Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson (USA), Dr Michael E. Mann (USA) and Dr Ellen Jorgensen (USA).​

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